Therapist and boy

Yonah is 5 years-old, has Down Syndrome and was diagnosed with West Syndrome (a severe form of epilepsy which causes brain damage and developmental delays) as a baby.

He is a happy child who is eager to learn and laughs loudly when he is enjoying activities with his family and therapist. Yonah crawls and can take a few steps with encouragement. Due to his complicated medical situation he is not able to go to day care and doctors have recommended that Yonah stay home for another year. Although he receives therapies as part of his home-care plan, it is nowhere near enough and Yonah’s very dedicated parents searched for a way to meet his needs. Thanks to our Therapists on Wheels (TOW), Yonah receives Occupational Therapy at least once a week. This year’s goals are to encourage independent eating and drinking, as well as to start using a touch screen for communication. Although these may seem like minor skills, the acquisition of these skills will have an enormous impact on both Yonah and his family’s quality of life.