Financial Information

Bank Details
Bank code – 12 Bank Hapoalim
Branch code – 574 HaPalmach
Branch Address – 38 HaPalmach St, Jerusalem
Account Name – Keren Malki – The Malki Foundation
Account Number – 277803
IBAN – IL38-0125-7400-0000-0277-803
SWIFT code for Bank Hapoalim is POALILIT


Legal compliance
The Malki Foundation was registered on 11th September 2001 under the Hok Ha’Amutot 5740, the Law of Not-for-Profit Associations 1980. Its registered number is 58-038-165-5.
Registration certificate can be seen by clicking the link below.
All current financial and legal documents may be viewed by clicking on the links below:


Audited Financial Report 2017 (English)

Audited Financial Report 2017 (Hebrew)

Written Report 2017 (Hebrew)

Authorized Charitable Status (Ishur 46a)

Nihul Takin 2019

Association registration certificate(Hebrew)