Photos Of Malki

2000, in the family garden
Malki with her sister Haya-Elisheva, March 1997
Malki at front door, Jerusalem, February 1990
Sitting and holding her youngest sister, Haya Elisheva, whose blindness and multiple disabilities were a major factor in Malki developing a heightened sensitivity for special needs children like her sister.
Playing the classical flute at a recital in Jerusalem, April 2001.
Volunteering at Camp Etgarim camp, August 2001, a few days before her life ended
The evening before she was killed, Malki and a group of school friends celebrated the birthday of one of them in Jerusalem's Har Nof neighbourhood. This is a detail from the last snapshot taken of Malki. 8th August 2001.
When her mother's one-woman art exhibition opened in Jerusalem during Passover of 2001, Malki was there at the cocktail reception, smiling -- as always -- with her unstoppable joy and optimism.
Malki and her Australian grandmother Genia Roth in Jerusalem, Passover 2000
Malki at home (photographed by her Aunt Sue), April 1999
Michal Raziel z
Malki at home - Pesach 2000
Attending her mother's art exhibition in the Jerusalem Theatre, 2001
Malki In Passover 2001
Holding her little sister, Haya Elisheva
Malki's phone after bombing.
The police phoned to the Roth home immediately after the mourning week (the shiva) was over to say they had found Malki’s cell phone in the wreckage of the Sbarro restaurant. Its ballistic nylon holder was shredded by the nails and other shrapnel; a nail and a fragment are at the right of the phone in this photo. On the phone itself, Malki had written: “Assur ledaber lashon harah”; a reminder (in Hebrew) to herself that it is improper to speak ill of other people.