Early Intervention is Key Bright eyed Tanya will be two years old in September, and the challenges she has overcome in her short lifetime are nothing short of amazing. Born premature at 27 weeks, weighing only 840 grams (less than 2 pounds), Tanya spent three months in NICU fighting for her life. She suffered from […]

Many things in our world have changed this year and yet some things never change. Corona or no Corona, children with disabilities need care and support regardless of what is going on around them.  Since March, we have accepted 6 new children into the Therapists on Wheels program. One of these children is Daniella, three […]

Nikita is a 5 1/2 year old boy from Southern Israel who receives physiotherapy through the #TherapistsOnWheels program with the incredible Ron Malka. Nikita is the youngest of three children and with his captivating smile he lights up lights up everything around him. Looking at his always bright face, it is hard to understand that […]

Binyamin, 2.5 years old, lives with his parents and four siblings in northern Israel. When he was 9 days old he suffered a brain hemorrhage which caused a significant development delay. His parents say that due to the intense medical therapy required, for the next three months it was as if he was “turned off”. […]


During this difficult time, we at the Malki Foundation have been working in accordance with the Health Ministry’s regulations in order to continue serving children like Gal, age twelve, while they are confined to their homes. Gal lives with her mother in Holon; she has cerebral palsy and suffers from epilepsy, cortical blindness, and is […]

David is a 2 and a half-year-old boy born with a rare genetic syndrome called CHARGE, causing severe development delay, hearing loss and blindness. When he was just 7 months old, his mother turned to the Malki Foundation asking for our help. She explained that David would lie on his back all day long unable […]

Dror is a 4-year-old sweet boy living on a kibbutz in the south of Israel. He was born with a rare syndrome called Pitt-Hopkins which is characterized by intellectual disability and developmental delay. 70% of people who have this syndrome are unable to speak, but from the outset Dror’s parents decided he would be amongst […]

Bracha Chaya is a smiley five and half year old girl who has general muscle weakness due to a rare genetic disorder Nemaline Myopathy. Bracha’s parents realised from a very young age that her best chance for progress was intensive para-medical therapies so started therapies when she was only 3 weeks old. They have been […]

Giving is a way of life Caring for Hodaya and her CP, epilepsy and respiratory issues is far from simple. Hydrotherapy can greatly improve her quality of life. Hodaya’s father, Shimon, says the benefits of hydrotherapy for Hodaya are indescribable. But they nearly didn’t happen. He becomes emotional just speaking about the Malki Foundation’s role […]

Sharon*, a talented 19-year-old, is paragliding over the Mediterranean Sea in this picture, “so happy to be free of all of the limits and the difficulties.” Sharon was born with a form of Cerebral Palsy called Spastic Diplegia which affects her fine and gross motor skills.  As a result, she has difficulty walking and writing.  […]

Itai is an 8 year old boy from Nahariya with a big, infectious smile. Like most children, he loves creative activities like coloring, drawing and cutting out shapes with scissors. Itai was born with West syndrome, a chromosome abnormality, which has left him with developmental delays and seizures. His seizures are now controlled by medication, […]

Yonatan was born with spina bifida. This is a genetic disorder that affects the development of the brain, skull and spinal cord.

A few weeks ago we received a call from Rachel, a social worker at the Onn School for children with disabilities in Tel Aviv.


Ido is a smiley, friendly 2 year-old boy who was born with serious development delays, birth defects and respiratory difficulties.

Hodaya, 16 years-old, is the youngest of 3, and was born with Cerebral Palsy.

Neta, now six-and-a-half-years-old is a talkative and friendly girl, who just started first grade in a special education school.

Meet Chaim, 7 years old, born with epilepsy, autism, and Cerebral Palsy. Until his mother contacted the Malki Foundation, Chaim spent his days in bed, unable to move unaided.

“It’s not enough to have a disabled child. You are left with no alternative but to fight the system.”

Natalia, age 11, was born completely healthy. When she was 6 years old she contracted encephalitis, which left her with severe neurological damage.

Yonah is 5 years-old, has Down Syndrome and was diagnosed with West Syndrome (a severe form of epilepsy which causes brain damage and developmental delays) as a baby.

Shalom is an energetic teenager, full of smiles and is actually excited to go to school. But he wasn’t always this way.

Please meet Itamar, a very special child living in northern Israel. He and his family have new hope after finding their therapist, Dena.


Noa, a 4 year old girl, has a severe development delay with no clear diagnosis.

Ahuva was born with Down's syndrome and has severe mental and physical delays.

The mother of Yosef, a 3 year-old boy from Rishon Lezion called the Malki Foundation office looking for help. She had been referred by Kesher, one of the organizations with which we have worked closely for years.

Nethaniel was born with cerebral palsy and his parents were told that he would never walk. Now 10 years old, he just completed a 2 km race!


Ori, who was 18 when he entered our Therapists on Wheels Program, lives in Mitzpeh Ramon, in southern Israel and because of his location, when he joined our program he had not been receiving any benefits or services even from the government.