boy receiving physiotherapy

Binyamin, 2.5 years old, lives with his parents and four siblings in northern Israel. When he was 9 days old he suffered a brain hemorrhage which caused a significant development delay. His parents say that due to the intense medical therapy required, for the next three months it was as if he was “turned off”. Binyamin didn’t move and barely cried, he just lay in bed.

When Binyamin joined our Therapists on Wheels program at age 1, his physical abilities were equivalent to those of a 3 month old baby. Together with the never ending encouragement of his parents and the professional help of Irit, his physiotherapist, Binyamin has made great strides over the last year and a half. His father Eitan told us how Binyamin is now able to walk, climb, and play. He stressed the importance of Bimyamin’s therapies with Irit for his continued development.

Recently, Binyamin’s family noticed he has been trying to communicate with his surroundings and started making basic sounds. They realised the urgent need to start working with a speech therapist and turned again to the Malki Foundation for help. Understanding the importance of early intervention to improve the chances of success, we immediately found a speech therapist to work with Binyamin.

Just as we have seen Binyamin progress to walking, we are looking forward to hearing his first words.