child with disabilities

Itamar was born with multiple congenital anomalies including heart and corneal defects. He is fed through a tube and has severe developmental delays. He cannot hold up his head, and lies on his back all day. A few tries at a rehabilitation day center failed because of his complicated situation. Itamar stayed at home, lying in bed all day and with no therapist to address his needs.
Then in December 2016, Itamar was admitted to the Malki Foundation’s Therapists on Wheels program.
Now, thanks to the resources we have put into the program, Itamar is visited weekly by a qualified and highly experienced therapist who is helping him learn to use the specialized stander that gets him upright and, in addition, helps improve his breathing, develop balance and build bone mass. The therapist is also teaching the family how to meet Itamar’s many needs at home and how to do specific exercises that will meaningfully help his continued physical and mental development.
Itamar’s parents are thrilled with the support and involvement of Dena, Itamar’s therapist. Though their journey is undoubtedly a difficult one, it has become much easier to face with the Malki Foundation’s support.