Many things in our world have changed this year and yet some things never change. Corona or no Corona, children with disabilities need care and support regardless of what is going on around them. 

Since March, we have accepted 6 new children into the Therapists on Wheels program. One of these children is Daniella, three and half years old, who lives with her family in southern Israel.

At six days old, Daniella had seizures and multi-disciplinary system failure due to lack of oxygen during her birth. This left her with severe brain damage. After two months in the PICU, she was released from hospital. 

Daniella attends a special education daycare center. Although she is supposed to receive therapies as part of her daily schedule at the center, no occupational therapist is available and the physiotherapist does not believe in her ability to progress. And then in March, during the first lockdown, all special education frameworks were closed. The little therapy Daniella was receiving came to an abrupt halt. 

Her parents turned to the Malki Foundation during the lockdown, desperate to find a way to provide therapies for their daughter. According to the medical report submitted with the application, Daniella could turn over while lying on the floor, and sit for a few seconds. She was quickly accepted into our Therapists on Wheels program and started weekly physiotherapy sessions within a few short weeks (as soon as restrictions allowed).

The progress report received last week from Daniella’s physiotherapist was very encouraging. Daniella can now transfer from lying to sitting position, and back, independently; she can sit without support leaving her hands free for play; and with encouragement can even take a few steps in a walking frame.

Dedication, encouragement, hard work, and more than anything else, belief in the abilities of the child can achieve amazing results. We look forward to watching Daniella’s continued progress.