Girl in walker

During this difficult time, we at the Malki Foundation have been working in accordance with the Health Ministry’s regulations in order to continue serving children like Gal, age twelve, while they are confined to their homes. Gal lives with her mother in Holon; she has cerebral palsy and suffers from epilepsy, cortical blindness, and is unable to speak. Since April 2017, via the Therapies at Home program, the Malki Foundation has been providing her with the water and physical therapy sessions she needs. Both of these therapies are crucial to building muscles and gaining physical strength.

Typically, Gal attends a special education school, though currently she is unable to as the nurses who help with her PEG (feeding tube) have not yet returned to work. Some of her paramedical treatments have stopped due to Coronavirus but physiotherapy is being continued at home, and on Zoom, with a therapist funded by the Malki Foundation. These sessions are essential to help stop regression due to lack of professional intervention, and provide much needed support to her family.