children with disabilities

According to a recently published survey by the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), the number of children with disabilities in Israel is estimated at 220,000. Of those children, about 65,000 have severe special needs. In 2012, only about 15% of those children received allowances for children with disabilities to which they are entitled by law.

The government is obligated to provide essential therapies though, in general, it is either lacking or non-existent. While the support that the Malki Foundation provides families is invaluable, this just scratches the surface of the need. The JDC’s report also stated that there is a large need to integrate people with disabilities into the community. The Malki Foundation’s programs give parents the simple tools to enable their child to remain at home and be part of the community.

All of the Malki Foundation’s programs serve children with severe disabilities throughout Israel, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or economic status. The children we assist are up to the age of nineteen years old, have been diagnosed with a severe physical disability and live at home (sleep nightly). With our therapy programs, we place special emphasis on early intervention for children up to the age of five as early intervention can result in a reduced need for support later in life.