Rainbow of Music Special Message

With the end of the Corona-virus Crisis no where in sight, we unfortunately will not be able to hold our annual Rainbow of Music concert in 2020. In the meantime, please see this special message from Richard Shavei-Tzion, director of the Ramatayim Men’s Choir, the backbone of the concerts.

As we have said previously, the Malki Foundation, the Ramatayim Men’s Choir and all the artists are committed to letting the show go on once it is safe to do so.

If you purchased tickets for the March 2020 concert, and you have not given any other instruction, we are still holding your tickets. Here are the options regarding your tickets:

  • You can keep holding your tickets to be used when the concert is held.
  • We can issue a refund to you. (The ticketing agency takes a small non-refundable fee over which we have no control.)
  • You can treat your ticket payment as a tax-deducible donation to the Malki Foundation, and if you do that, thank you most sincerely. With the loss of income from having to postpone this important fundraising event, and the non-refundable expenses we have incurred, your donation to the Malki Foundation at this time would be even more important and meaningful than ever.

We look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible.