Lockdown Treats

Ashley Blaker Zoom session

Over the past month, the Malki Foundation UK has brought together more than 250 people from South Africa, England, Israel and USA for virtual lockdown events. With several events and challenges either cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19, we have been making a conscious decision to provide regular events to its supporters and wider audiences through online video sharing platforms. 

These events have ranged from a couple’s cocktail class, a black-tie night at the opera, and a children’s cooking class with Denise Phillips. Jewish comedian Ashley Blaker, who provided the entertainment one evening, said “I know the worldwide Jewish community is struggling both in terms of morale and finance. So I’ve been delighted to help by performing for many organisations and communities who, like the Malki Foundation UK, are in real need of support at this time.”

Events like these are an opportunity for people to come together and enjoy a relaxed evening of entertainment from the comfort of their own homes. Pam from London said “I have never laughed and learnt so much about variations of drinks during the cocktail evening”. See our upcoming events here: https://kerenmalki.org/events/