Arnold Roth asks Australia to Pressure Jordan to Extradite Daughter’s Murderer

Most wanted Terrorist

Last week, The Australian, a leading national paper in Australia, published an article titled, “HELP BRING MALKI’S MURDERER TO JUSTICE, MR TURNBULL”, written by our founder Arnold Roth.  In his riveting article, Mr. Roth asks The Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Australia, as well as the general public, to call on Jordan  to extradite his daughter Malki’s unrepentant murderer to the United States.  Ahlam Tamimi, then a Jordanian student, was Hamas’s first female terrorist and the mastermind behind the Sbarro terror attack in Jerusalem that killed Malki and 14 others in 2001.  She is currently on the most-wanted list in the United States for killing US Citizens (Malki had US Citizenship from her mother) in the attack.  The US government has repeatedly asked Jordan to arrest and extradite Tamimi to stand trial in the US, to no avail.  To see the complete article click here: Arnold Roth opinion The Australian (1)