Meet the Kids


Natalia, age 11, was born completely healthy. When she was 6 years old she contracted encephalitis, which left her with severe neurological damage.


Please meet Itamar, a very special child living in northern Israel. He and his family have new hope after finding their therapist, Dena.

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Shalom is an energetic teenager, full of smiles and is actually excited to go to school. But he wasn’t always this way.

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Ahuva was born with Down's syndrome and has severe mental and physical delays.

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Noa, a 4 year old girl, has a severe development delay with no clear diagnosis.

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Ori, who was 18 when he entered our Therapists on Wheels Program, lives in Mitzpeh Ramon, in southern Israel and because of his location, when he joined our program he had not been receiving any benefits or services even from the government.

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Nethaniel was born with cerebral palsy and his parents were told that he would never walk. Now 10 years old, he just completed a 2 km race!

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