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Enabling quality care at home for Israel's children with special needs

Keren Malki is the only organization in Israel that works to support home care as an option for families with children with severe disabilities. Unlike other Western countries, which have adopted the family and group care models for children with special needs, Israel still places most of its financial and political support in the hands of large institutions. Driven by its sincere belief that parents know what’s best for their children, and research that shows that institutional care can have damaging effects on children, Keren Malki has put all of its efforts in creating an infrastructure which supports home care. Since is inception, the Malki Foundation has alleviated physical and financial hardships for more than 3,700 families; facilitating over 40,000 hours of paramedical therapies and 6,000 equipment loans. Keren Malki supports children of all backgrounds and is a non-political, non-sectarian Israeli non-profit organization. Close

Join us in London at The Royal Parks Half Marathon

Join us in London at The Royal Parks Half Marathon

This year, the Malki Foundation will be participating in the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday, October 14, 2018. We are looking for runners to participate in this 13 mile route through Central London, as part of the Malki Foundation UK team.  Starting and finishing in Hyde Park, the race takes a scenic route past Green […]

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