Equipment Lending Unit

A boy on Facility operations

The Keren Malki Equipment Lending Unit provides specialized equipment for the care of children with disabilities at home: items that generally are either unavailable in Israel from any other source, or prohibitively expensive.

The goal, as with all Malki Foundation programs, is to empower and support families wanting to care for their child with special-needs at home, rather than to institutionalize the child. An Israel-wide network of volunteers aiding disabled, elderly and house-bound people, the Yad Sarah organization has for years been devoted to making home-care an option. It has gained a well-deserved international reputation for the excellence of its performance.

Since establishing Keren Malki’s joint venture with Yad Sarah in January 2003, we have had the privilege of providing home-care beds, standers, walkers, bath-inserts, chairs and host of other items to households where a seriously disabled child is cared for. The Keren Malki joint-venture warehouse at Yad Sarah in Jerusalem has served many thousands of families from all parts of the country and from all demographic segments of Israeli society.