Keren Malki, the Malki Foundation, a non-political, non-sectarian, not-for-profit organization, honors the tragically short life of a girl dedicated to bringing happiness and support into the lives of special-needs children

This site, and the work of Keren Malki (the Malki Foundation), are dedicated to the memory of

Malka Chana Roth Z"L 1985-2001

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I've just travelled through the Keren Malki website. It is very moving and I must say a beautiful way to remember someones life. As a non Jewish Australian her story isn't well known to me but as I read the details of her death I remebered reading/hearing the story at the time.
I was directed to your website via a Herald Sun website blog by Andrew Bolt. There has been some discussion regarding the release of the Palestinian prisoners (and it is certainly not well supported here, at least amongst my circle of friends) in exchange for the Israeli soldier and this is what someone wrote;
"We got a good deal with the Malaysian swop deal 5:1 and here I was thinking it was crap. It makes you think the Palestines crimes against the Jews were minor? Maybe they were just political prisoners.
Julie (Reply)
Wed 19 Oct 11 (10:05am)
Dan replied to Julie
Wed 19 Oct 11 (12:15pm)
Unfortunately they weren’t. They had real blood on their hands.
Malki Roth, a Melbourne-born teenager was murdered while in a Pizza restaurant. The woman responsible for that atrocity is one of those to be released. Her Father - an amazing fundraiser for children with disabilities, is going to suffer immeasurably because of her release".
I don't have the correct words to wish you all the best. It may be easier to wish you peace/shalom; of heart, mind, soul and physically.
Peter S. (Melbourne)

I just read about Malki and her friend Michal and it brought tears to my eyes. I cannot ever begin to imagine the pain and suffering that their families have gone through. I came across Malki's website after researching Ahlam 'Aref Ahmad al-Tamimi, also known as Ahlam Tamimi, who is about to be released from prison in the prisoner exchange for Gilad Shalit. Although I am thrilled for Gilad and his family, I am horrified that murderers are being set free. Murderers who are likely to murder more innocent Jewish people such as Malki and her friend.
Tanya (US)

Just wanted to send you a message of total sympathy and solidarity.
Despite all the disinformation, despite the continued really ill will, bordering on blatant anti-semitism,
we are informed; we do send our information out as much as we can, and we do write our media both to protest and to shame them.
Some of my friends are in Israel right now, and I shall be there twice in April and in June.
We are all with you.
warmest wishes

Con mucho dolor, envio un abrazo a los padres de Malka.
Sufro por tanta muerte irracional.
Que Adonai bendiga con Paz duradera a mis hermanos Israelies.

Hi – I came across your website via google, and judging by your work, I think you may be interested in the following.
As a website geared to help other Jewish parents of children with special needs, you do all you can to ensure that the families that you work with get the services and support that they so desperately need. It is a difficult job, but one which is rewarded with the great satisfaction of having made a difference in the lives of others.
We have established Beineinu as a parent-to-parent website, where parents from all over the world can share information, tips and chizzuk with each other. Our user friendly resource database contains information and links to many of the common (and not so common) things that may take years for parents to discover on their own. Since we are parent based, we have been able to put together the thousands of bits and pieces of the puzzle that really count!
Looking for a good specialist? Our database has lists of doctors and therapists recommended by our fellow parents.
We have lists of organizations specific to a particular diagnosis.
Do you know someone who needs to travel long distance for medical treatment? Our medical travel section has info such as free flights, hospitality houses, etc… Check out our Bikur Cholim/Chessed section to find out who services patients there…
Our database contains interesting things like where to find a safety bed for that wild kid and how to fund it if insurance won’t cover it. Where to get a donated car that can be modified—as well as companies that will do the modifications. We have listings for everything from equipment to adapted sports to employment agencies for the disabled!
Registering with us (free of charge, of course) entitles you to receive a weekly update email of newly uploaded information, equipment exchange lists, and notification of anything of special interest that comes in to our office.
Please check out our website: – and let's see how we can work together to be able to help as many parents as possible!!
Tizku l'mitzvos!

I received a link to your beautiful website in a message in Spanish from a friend in Uruguay. If you can touch people all over the world, Malki's life and her early departure served an important purpose. As long as you can keep your message filled with love, it will be powerful. It is important not to sink into hate and anger. That is why this act of destruction happened.
The cause you chose, to help children with disabilities live at home, is so noble and so appropriate a tribute. Malki chose well for parents.
As parents, we live for our children. You are doing a wonderful job to continue to care for her spirit. May your grieving go gently and may you be able to sense that Malki's energy, נפש, remains with you during the rest of your days here as it did before she was born.
L (Florida, US)

She was indeed a beautiful girl, and one you undoubtedly were very proud of. What a sad loss, what a waste. It makes my resolve even stronger to support Israel and their righteous fight.
wood.74 (UK)


Dear Roth Family:  Thank you for your website and sharing the pictures of Malki.  I have a 23 y.o. daughter in Israel who made aliyah on Labor Day, 2007.
It is amazing to me that despite the horrors, there are young Jewish women who, with courage and determination, seek to make aliyah.
These girls, and your daughter, pursue and pursued "goodness."
The children of the barbarians pursue "evil."
The Israeli leadership negotiates with evil and pursues the US and its money.
The New York Times glories in showcasing evil, and dismisses the people of goodness.
Your voice is a shining light of hope for all of us in this foolish world.  G-d bless you.
---Joseph S (United States)


Dear Frimet and Arnold,

Today I received your email with the link to Malki Foundation.

I have no words to tell how much I appreciate your efforts and contribution to our society.

Reading about Malki made me feel even just for a moment the loss of a dear soul. I wish you won’t know any sorrow in your life.

Love you,


Shalom aleichem!

It is wonderful that you are putting Malki's memory to such great 


I think it would be a great idea for there to be a Facebook group for 

the Keren Malki Foundation. This would increase exposure and increase 

your ability to raise funds for this purpose.

Additionally, I foresee a general Facebook group that could represent 

all the martyred Israelis that are victims of terrorism.

Kol tov,

Moshe David



You don't know me personally. I received the e-mail a few minutes ago from a cousin about the HBO 'documentary' about Israeli prisons, etc. Naturally, I started foaming at the mouth, and prepared to forward it to my list of 70 contacts. Then I stopped and thought it through again. Here's what I think.

The NY Times is a gigantic juggernaut that couldn't care less about about murdered Jews, especially when the perpetrator is an Islamic 'freedom fighter' (sic), and most certainly a female fighter. The Times is always against anything Jewish, anything Eretz Yisrael, except for the Palestinians . . . . This means that unless they are bombarded with faxes/e-mails, snail mail letters, etc., and I mean deluge them with indignant, outraged words, they'll just sit back and laugh. Now you also need to go to the source: HBO. Same thing. Inundate them with protest letters, e-mails, etc. Get some big name (Orthodox -- the only ones who would do anything) organizations to complain to HBO/NY Times. You know, the RCA, the OU, Agudath Israel of America (they've got some high-powered lawyers who do things for them). I'm sure there are other avenues as well; the point I'm making is when dealing with slime bags like the NY Times, quantity is practically irrelevant; QUALITY protest can help. Because they consider themselves the kings of newspaper. They will try to prevent anything that could potentially put egg on their face. If not G-d forbid publishing a retraction, then at least possibly telling the other side of the story.

But I think the real target should be the source of this outrage: HBO, which is probably a harder nut to crack than a newspaper. But they too have to be flooded with outraged letters and e-mails about what they broadcast. If you have $$$ to spare, maybe consider a lawsuit against HBO, just to get publicity. You'd have to acertain that they have actually broken a law, something that is not at all clear.

Anyway, that's the 2 cents from a total stranger. I wish you everything good, and a freilichen Purim, and hatzlacha rabba.

Zvi K

Dear Malki’s Parents:
I’m so sorry about your pain…I’m a argentinian jewish dad, and I guess losing a son or a daughter is the worst to a human can happen in life.
Thanks God I have my children by my side…Again, I’m sorry about Malki…it’s ununderstable unfear…
Big huge & a Warm Shalom from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Sergio Koltan

My name is [ ... ] no me es posible efectuar donaciones de dinero porque soy jubilada y siempre tengo dificultades economicas,pero he leido la historia de lo que paso a su hija y a tantos otros hijos y quiero enviarle mi profundo sentimiento de condolencias por esa enorme perdida, espero que tenga siempre la fuerza para sobrellevar la,tiene Ud. otra hija solo 1 hija mas? solo quiero expresarle que mucha gente de su pueblo los acompana.shalom


Everytime that I see this horrible and disgusting muslim "way-of-death" I think to myself that we need to change someting in our points of view to stop our suffering. I heard once from an european expert in terrorism that we must review our own way in dealing with muslims. I live outside Israel, but believe me, it hurts the same way. We urgently need to show the world how terrible they are, no heart, no feelings. We must say to the world that they pray turned to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and not for Jerusalem; that Jerusalem for them is nothing but hatred; that they want to "islamize" the whole world; that they don´t have any limit for killing innocents; that they must be stopped because they´re really cowards!!!
Jessica S. Srour Acherboim

Sao Paolo, Brasil


I have just been sent the link to your site by my Dad.  I have just looked at the pictures of your beautiful daughter with her shinning eyes and am saddened to my soul for you.

A child that was so talented with an amazing life ahead of her.

As I sit here now, I really am unsure of what to say to you but felt that I must let you know the profound effect your site has had on me.

I wish you and your family long life.

SB (United Kingdom)


I was so very touched by the letter addressed to the world about the HBO movie including and featuring  the life of the terrorist which murdered your daughter.

I shared it with my husband and 3 children and then forwarded it to everyone in my address book. Business associates, personal friends, Jewish and other wise. Everyone that touch all aspects of my life.

This was the first time I ever sent everyone I know an e-mail.

I commend you for writing this heartfelt appeal not to forget!

Very best wishes to you and your family,


(Florida USA)


Thank you for circulating your web links and the photo of that dreadfully unrepentant prisoner. To release someone like that offers justice for no one. I have forwarded your message and photos to 20 people. I received the mail from a friend in New York, so your e mail is making its way from coast to coast here in the United States. I hope those to whom I sent it to do the same. What a shame all this has been, and for so long now. I don't know how I would continue with the loss of a child. You have my deepest sympathies.
Steve Mullen


I saw your letter about the Sbarro bombing on Powerline Blog. The picture of Ahlam Tamimi is chilling. Thank you for sharing some highlights of Malki's life.  I only wish this sort of news story made it onto the CBS, NBC and ABC nightly news.  I wish she was front page news on the New York Times. I don't understand the world. 
I am so sorry for your loss.

Dody Williams, Greensboro, NC


After I posted a brief message to Malkis family, I read a lot of messages that others had posted. This message is to all of you.

It is wonderful to read about good people. All of you I mean. Your messages are so close to your hearts. It is said that words from the heart enter the heart. I could feel what you wrote and want to say it makes me feel so good to know that there are beings of light and love in this world who are able to discern truth and see Malkis "smiling assassin" for who she really is. To all of you who see through the veils of lies, thank you for supporting Israel and Malkis family in particular. Thank you for making my heart feel warm tonight. It means so much to me to know that there are beacons of light in this world where so many are attaching themselves to hatred and negative forces.

Shelly, Australia


My heart breaks for you and the incredible loss of your beloved & 
cherished daughter, sister, friend - i, too, have lost a daughter, 
rebecca, my only child but to cancer and not to an act of  terrorism -
"Blessed are the blood relations of the young ones who have died.
So if you pass the parents weeping of the young ones who have died,
take them to your warmth and keeping for blessed are the tears they 
Take them to that valley wide and let their souls be pacified."
(lyrics from "Blessed Are...Joan Baez)
Blessings abound ......
DS, Portland, ME, USA

As a mother and a grandmother, my heart goes out to the family and friends of this vibrant young woman.  I remember that atrocity only too well.  I pray that we should one day see peace around the world and that we would not have to cry for innocent young people dying in vain.  I was very touched by the photograghs which will keep you memory alive.
My deepest condolences on the horrible death of your beautiful daughter Malki. My prayers are with you and your family.
Terrible times we are all facing and the terrorists around the world MUST be stopped at any cost.
From Florida, USA


I have just returned from my first trip to Israel.  At the age of 56 it was about time!
My heart bleeds for you loss.  On shabbat, when I am able to light candles - always 2 to observe, another to remember.
It truly is the homeland.  I discovered that after WWII my father helped smuggle guns to help obtain the freedom of our state of Israel.  He never did make it there so I went in his memory and honor.   I know that his spirit was always for our freedom and right to be.
He liberated Jews from Buchenwald.  He bled and died for our people just as did Malki in her own way.  Our loss is the same my dear friends .    Unbearable yet as always, we will persevere.


I have just read with shock and disgust how the producers of an HBO special here could have

so callously portrayed this murderer as a gentle smiling woman.

The lack of sensitivity to the heinous crimes she has committed against humanity and your

family in particular made me ashamed of our American Media.  Reading this on Tisha B'av
is a glaring reminder of our long galut, may it end in our days.  Perhaps most gripping of all
is your daughters "reminder" to herself -- not to speak ill of others.
Clearly, when it is all said and done we have only to look at our prophets and G-d's Torah
to read the writing on the wall.  The first Temple was destroyed because of idolatry and rampant
violence, the second for baseless hatred.  As Jews we know that this endless cycle of violence,
hatred and false G-ds will only continue unless we as a people can somehow rise above the
pull of the evil forces out there that seek to have us do their bidding -- We are being provoked to
become like them.  We must look to H-shem for guidance -- we must cry out for deliverance and
Today, all the Jewish people mourn with you, for the loss of your precious Malki and for the
loss of our Holy Temple.  Please try to remember that this is the world of concealment, the world
of Tikkun.  Everything here is in a state of needing to be rectified.  Except your beautiful Malki,
she is perfectly shalem in Gan Eden.
Our prayers are with you.
Julie & Randy  Diamond


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Roth,
I visited Malki's website tonight.  Her photos and descriptions 
communicate a lovely young girl.  Her sweetness comes through, as 
does your love and devotion to her.  I am so sorry for your loss.  
Malki and her friends were kiddush HaShem.  May their memories be for 
a blessing.
Meira Warshauer
Columbia, SC USA


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Roth,

someone from our community forwarded an email  informing the jewish communities about the review of HBO's Hot house film.

I read through the email and clicked to see the Keren Malki web page. I was saddened to read of her tragic loss of life.

I personally am no stranger to the confict and the terror and suffering we have experienced in israel and abroad. I served in Nachal  and spent three years in israel during the first intifada.

My closest friend was injured in the triple suicide bombing in 96 in ben yehuda area; fortunately surviving.

We plan to move with our family to live in Efrat, G-d willing in a few short weeks. making aliya with our five small children, and knowing the 'matzav' is at times frightning.  I do know that israel is the place for us to live as jews.  We know, that in spite of the fears, we will not let them get the better of us. "Am Yisrael Chai"....

when I read and cry of the thought of losing a child, its hurts...and even more so for you as the parents.  I feel proud to know that in the face of such pain, we will be able to add to the ranks of people that will stand up and make a difference in israel. Its our home, and we won't let them take it from us.

[Name and home-town withheld by request]


Thank you for sharing your beloved daughter with the world!!  My husband and I look carefully and prayerfully for places to donate.  This will be on the top of my list for him when he returns from work today. 
You were not alone in your grief on the day she died.  My husband and I, and many in our family, cried with you that day.  There is a Sbaaro in our local mall facing the food court, we ALL could imagine what it would be like to have a such a thing happen.  There is no way to express the depths to which these people have sunk.  As a Christian I simply say: G-d detests CHILD-KILLERS, even moreso in His Name!  When the PLO began killing your children in the 60s they sealed their fate.  They have only deepened the Anger of G-d since.  The mess in Gaza is only the beginning.
While some call for Israel to continually give land to these Evil People: Know that there are MANY who would cheer if Israel simply pushed them all into the Sea.  We see clearly what they have done....
And as G-d tells us....we abhor the evil.
HBO?  The NYT?....Had Brain Out?....The Never Yet Trustworthy?.....Others outside our nation put way too much store in what that LEFTY GOSSIP RAG prints.  Nobody in this country would wrap fish in it anymore.  Its reputation as a Daily Fiction Collection is now etched in stone.  The LA Times isn't far behind.  At this point if the NYT or the LAT print something you can take it to the bank that the very OPPOSITE is true...and everyone knows it.
HBO....why should we take a movie channel's input on serious things???
The idea that the people who killed your daughter would be set free for ANY reason sickens me...and everyone I know.
If Olmert feels pressure to do comes only from within himself!!!
Lee Bailey


I received an e-mail regarding the HBO film and a plea to see Malki’s pictures so people can know what is lost when terrorists are allowed to run amok.  I pray that the family may always find joy in the memory of their child and sister and that they find peace in the comfort and well wishes of friends, family and strangers alike.  Please know that American Jews like myself pray for the homeland of all Jews everywhere, every day.  I myself lost friends in 9-11.  While it is not comparable to losing a child, I do still grieve.  May Malki always watch over her family and bring shalom to their lives.  I really believe that the loved ones we lose do watch over us and protect us as they sit at the right hand of Hashem.
Baruch Hashem and shalom to all,
Shelley T


Dear Mr & Mrs Roth,
Please accept my condolences for the loss of your lovely daughter.  They may be mere words many years after the fact but they are heartfelt and meant.
I am a 47 yo American who grew up in a predominantly Jewish area of NYC.  My maternal grandfather was Jewish.  I remember my friends older brothers making plans to get to Israel at the beginning of the Six Day War.  Your daughters murder is a part of the war Arabs have been waging against Israel since the beginning of its statehood.  Some Americans understand that.
I wrote to say to you the New York Times has lost respect amongst a good portion of Americans and the whitewashing of your daughter's murderer is one of the reasons.  Keren and all the others will not be forgotten and their killers never forgiven.  That is G-d's job, not mine.
Ron W
Sarasota FL

Your precious daughter was so beautiful and full of life---when I got to the picture of her cell phone...I could not stop the tears. I came to this website from an article you (her parents) wrote on the HBO program which featured her murderer.
I guess I don't know what else to say except that I wish my country (the US) would go full up and drop the hammer on these terrorists that kill beautiful children and other innocent people having pizza in shops and trying to live their lives.  We live here and have no clue about this sort of thing.  We go to Sbarro pizza and the last thing on our minds would be that little girls and their cell phones might be the targets of terrorists...but I believe that we are not far from hearing this and understanding in a way that the people of 
Israel understand all too well and painfully...
Carla O'Neill
Just a teacher of kids in the US


It is with a heavy heart that I write this to you. I was reading one of my favorite weblogs, Little Green Footballs, when I came upon the article about your daughter and followed the link to her website. I am deeply sorry for your loss and for the loss of all Israeli's like her murdered in diabolical suicide attacks. She seemed like such a kind, loving child and I cannot imagine how you must feel. I have a little brother and a little sister and I would be absolutely devastated if anything were to happen to them. I am so sorry.
I want you to know, that, as a Christian, I am told by the Bible to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Last summer, I was lucky enough to visit Israel and beautiful Jerusalem. It was one of the most exciting, wonderful times in my life being able to experience such a blessed land. I love your nation and I love your people. Israel and the Jewish people will always have my support.
I pray that God will fill you with his divine peace and overpowering love and that He will lift up your spirits with His everlasting joy. The story of your daughters life has touched me and encouraged me to treat others with the kindness with which she did. Thank you for sharing it. I will pray for you and your family.
May God richly bless you in all things, may His presence be ever near you to guide and protect you.
Much love,
David Wallace-Bradley


I live in California, was following a link re/ the Flight 93 Memorial, and discovered your article.

I am very sorry for the loss of your daughter.

Thank you for your words. I try to share with my children (my daughter is 13), my friends, co-workers (I too am an attorney) and neighbors about the threat(s) we currently face, and about the lies that are reported every day in the "mainstream media."

I intend to share your article, as it will bring light.




I am so glad I found your site. I am a Christian friend of Israel living in England. After being moved to tears watching and learning about your beautiful daughter and emailing the site to as many friends as possible.


Some weeks ago I downloaded the Chazak Amenu video from a link I received. I cried the first time I watched it and as a fellow Jew in the diaspora, (UK), I find it strengthens me every time I view it.
I was then directed to your website and spent some time researching the incredible work you have put into saluting the lives of such precious people. But why am I writing?
I feel compelled to let you know that I feel so inspired by the creation of such a website and totally proud to be Jewish. My pride extends not only to my religion, but my belief that one day, please G-d, we may have peace in Israel and unity between religions, heralding the end of suffering, the end of terrorism, the end to these troubled times and start to the future between faiths, nationalities and all people.
Keith Sanford

I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss.  I  just finished  listened to "Malki's Song" on the website, and it brings tears to my eyes that such a beautiful, talented, and caring soul was taken from the world.  For the
short time that Malki was in this world, the world was  made better,  more beautiful.  I will be purchasing the CD and doing other things as I am able, to help Israel's victims of terrorism.  May the L-rd bless your family, and hold you  in the center of His Hand.  May He make peace for us and for all of the families of Israel.
Blessings, and Shalom
I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence, And give Him no rest, till He establish, and till He make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.  (Isaiah 62:6-7)
May the LORD bless you from Zion! May you see Jerusalem prosper all the days of your life!
(Psalms 128:5)
I am from America and I am so damn pissed off at what is happening to Israel. (had to say that) I like reading her stuff. I was really looking on the net trying to find and make friends in Israel. There is something about
that country that moves my heart. all my friends ...and many of them...eyes are glued to the news, praying for victory and peace for that beloved country. we would like to help the soldiers. I'm not an internet wizard, so
if there is any body out there who would like to make friends with me I would love to hear from you. Sam


Dear friends,

As the date for the fifth anniversary of the Sbarro massacre is drawing near, I just wanted to tell you that my thoughts are with the Roth family right now. I pray that you will have the strength to face all the memories on the rememberance day of your beloved Malki. I also hope that you will get a lot of support and comfort from all your friends in Israel and the rest of the world the next days. You are not alone with your sorrow - we will be mourning together with you on Aug. 9.


I wish you peace

when the cold winds blow

warmed by the fire's glow.


I wish you comfort

in the lonely times

and arms to hold you

when you ache inside.


I wish you hope

when things are going bad,

and kind words when times are sad.

I wish you shelter from the raging wind.

And coolin' waters at the fever's end.


I wish you peace when times are hard,

the light to guide you through the dark.

And when storms are high

and your dreams are low,

I wish you the strength to let love grow on,

I wish you the strength to let love flow.


(The Eagles: I wish you peace)


With kind regards,

Mr. Steinar Reiten

Averøy, Norway

  My name is Hal and I live in the United States.  I have noted a certain trend of sorts, from having read a few blogs, that there seems to be a feeling of isolation, of being alone without friendly people to care whether you survive or not.  Make no mistake, while the Main Stream Media (MSM) seems hell bent on a biased reporting of events as they occur - often to the detriment of the nation of Israel, rest assured that you are NOT in fact, alone.  As a student of history - I look at much of what goes on and realize that it is generally the ignorance of history that causes many to lack in understanding the events of today, that - and a willful ignorance of human nature. In my eyes, the one mistake (if you wish to call it that!) as of recent times, made by the nation of Isreal, is in caring what the rest of the nations believe when it comes to what it is you must do to survive.  Do what it takes and THEN worry about it ;)  Do what you KNOW is right. An act of war is an act of war.  Israel has patiently stood by and endured acts of war for so long that people have forgotten to some extent, what
happens when one nation's citizens commit acts of war against another nation's people.  As for "hey, what about our citizens who are dying"?  As a soldier would say "Suck it up and soldier, soldier!"  Put another way?
Yes, the universe is unfair, but no one promised you when you were born, that life would be fair.  If I were in your shoes, and my child were endangered as you and your family are - I would be angry, upset, scared
and a whole lot more.  But even more so, I'd be DETERMINED.  I'd be damned if I were going to go down in flames without staring death eye to eye and saying "Dead or alive, I love my GOD, but you will never win over my spirit!"
So, with that thought in mind?  You know the referee is crooked and the game is rigged.  Despite this, you are winning!  So TELL them (Those who read what you say) that instead of "Hey, what about our civilians?".  Tell
them "We will fight and win - and we ARE better than those whom we fight."
 They cheat because they are not GOOD ENOUGH.  And when all is said and done - despite the cheating that goes on, you still can hold your heads up, and KNOW you are superior to the riff raff that seek to rain missiles
upon your heads.  Tell them THAT.  Tell them despite the losses of your own civilians, you try to refrain from hurting too many of their innocents.  Then warn them, that although you sacrifice some of your own without retaliation against theirs - that even then, someday, you may no longer refrain.  In other words, don't push your luck ;) My father is a kind and gentle man.  When he talks of his time fighting in the Pacific against the Japanese soldiers during World War II (and those times are RARE), I can still see the anger and steel of his soul.  He is STRONG, but he is also gentle - and he has passed that lesson on to me
just by living his life as best as he can.
Remember this one thing for all of your life: It takes a strong person to be gentle, for without strength, there can only be weakness.  Some confuse being gentle with being weak - and that is their mistake.  The Hezbollah are WEAK and without strength.  Your people?Have both Strength and gentleness.  Why do I say YOUR people?  I am nominally Christian and across to the other side of the world as it were.
I note however, we are ALL **HUMAN**.  I can but admire what has been accomplished, and hope that you all succeed in the long run.  Until then - do not lose your faith, and know that others of us raised in the shadow of
God's love have faith in YOU.
Spread the word - although you do not hear us, we are cheering for your success.  Although our leaders are not as forthcoming with support openly and loudly, they are but a few.  Although MSM does not tell the whole
truth (and thus lies by omission), we still hear/see the truth.  You are NOT alone, nor ever will be.  And last but not least - do not exhort Presidents to act like kings, nor expect kings to act like presidents ;)
I am the music teacher at an Orthodox Jewish Day School (preschool-grade 8) in Connecticut. I discovered Malki's song on the Chazak Ameinu CD, and knew I had to teach it to my students. The kids love it; some have told me it is their favorite song. My elementary (grades 3-6) choir sang it Friday, May 26, for our school-wide Yom Yerushalayim assembly. We have a repeat performance coming up June 6 at our annual school picnic. There the parents will have the opportunity to hear it as well.
I felt that this song was very appropriate for Yom Yerushalayim. As I told my students: Malki lived most of her life in Yerushalayim, and that is where she was tragically murdered. There are those that would use any means to take Yerushalayim from the Jewish people, but they will never succeed. Their terror didn't work. Malki's family, neighbors and classmates are still there; we should all be there too, (and b'ezrat H-shem soon will be.)
The children in the choir would like to express their appreciation to Malki for the legacy of the beautiful song, and for teaching all of us how precious is our holy city.
Todah rabah, Malki.

Your website was brought to my attention by Simon of Anglican Friends of Israel (AFI) which I found revealing. I was aware that most of the attempted terror attacks go on on a daily basis, but was not aware of the amount.
Thank you for your website which will as a 'Watchman' on the walls help me to pray more earnestly for you, and the terrorist will be thwarted in their determination to cause death and injury.


I've just discovered your site today through a friend and have sent it on to others. Bless you for this! In America we comment about the failure of the journalism industry to cover ?reality? as it really is. The problem is 1000 times worse when it comes to Israel. This sort of blog is the only way to overcome the information inertia that exists and which is otherwise held captive by ideological terrorists. I will henceforth be an avid reader and do what I can to spread word about your foundation.
David C. (San Francisco)

My name is Henk and my age is 57. I live in Westervoort the Netherlands- Europe. I am married have a son of 24 (John) and a daughter of 16( Emmelie). Since as long as I know I am interested in Jewish culture and religion. I was raised Roman Catholic but I am not anymore , I feel myself more as Jewish Christian, but that is another story. Since long I follow the news of Israel and all news about Jews in the world. I too have seen and followed the events in Israel. But I did not follow esp. the tragic event about Keren, because there were so much. But not only for Keren but for all the victims I have feel pain and sorrow. Last year I was in Israel and a taxidriver for two days drove me around in Israel and he showed me a lot of places were terrorists were killing people esp. the Dolfinarium. At that day last year in the evening happened again a terroristic act 4 hours afters I returned with my taxidriver to Jerusalem were I stayed in a hotel.
I have seen the security in Jerusalem and I have also taken the bus to have a kind of feeling of all those daily feelings of people. But that aside, not longer about myself. Keren has a handicapped sister, we have a handicapped son, he has the syndrome of Bourneville(Tuberous Sclerosis). I have in Holland for 10 years helping organising a patient organisation and was for 10 years International Director for TSI(Tuberous Sclerosis International). So I shall send a donation to your Foundation, that is the least I can do and maybe
you can use me in any way helping in other ways as I can. Maybe this is the best way I can help to help remembering Keren and the other victims of terror and also handicapped people where Keren found her dedication. I hope I can lessen some of your burden and that of other people living in Israel.
Shalom, H
I'm a gentile, of Indian background living in the US. I am appalled at the decision of the motion picture industry to nominate a film which humanizes and therefore glorifies acts of murder and terror. I saw your speech to the Valencia conference when an Indian friend who is also a victim of terror passed it along to me. I hope you will succeed in sounding your voices in public. Your message needs to be heard.
Ravi S.

Just a short note to say that I have just read Arnold Roth's address to the Valencia conference, and was most moved by it. I'd like to voice my thanks to Mr. Roth for presenting so clearly and eloquently the voice of reason and civilization, so easily submerged under all the apologias for terror. A brief suggestion - I don't know how practical, or whether it has  already been considered - if there is to be another Congress on the Victims of Terrorism in the future: Perhaps it would be a good thing for the next congress to produce its own definition of terrorism and to advocate its formal adoption both by the UN and by individual states. The moral authority of the victims might be hard to brush aside.
With appreciation,
Paul M.


I follow your wonderful work. It makes a difference...

I have watched since the Foundation was set up and read your web site. I am so sorry for your loss. I remember when it happened.

You and your wife and the Foundation have done something I can only admire: To take deep loss and do what one can to do something about it in some way-- and in this I find courage too. Thus I read your articles and commentary with especial interest and they have weight with me. They are informed and cogent.  My friend also has begun reading your posts. FYI, in consoling a local person who lost a young-adult son to street crime, I was influenced by your example and would like to think that it is a good thing when compassion is strengthened from the example of others.

MS (Miami)


As a former 82nd paratrooper, I bristle  with  anger calling terrorist bastards (excuse me)who murder innocents & hide like cowards behind children (1976 Ma alot)  " insurgents"!!! Much respect & love to all who suffer so much because of them. I'm a vet of 1990-1991 Gulf War.



As an occasional reader of the Haaretz newspaper on the web, I came across a link to the Kerenmalki website some days ago.

I was deeply moved when I read about your beloved daughter Malki and how she became a victim of insane religious fanatism. I consider myself a devoted friend of Israel and the Jewish people, and since I`m engaged in politics in my local community I decided to send a reader's letter to several Norwegian newspapers - telling the story of Malki and your foundation. As you might know, a leftwing party represented in the Norwegian government has caused a lot of stir the last weeks by recommending a trade embargo on Israel. I`m strongly opposed to this idea! In my reader`s letter I use the story of Malka Chana Roth to show how meaningless it is to support the Palestinian side without demanding that terrorist organizations like Hamas must be elliminated. There can be no peace in the Middle East as long as these murderers are allowed to operate from areas controlled by Palestinian authorities!

Over the next days, some 150 000 Norwegians will read in their newspapers about a young Israeli girl who never got the chance to reach adulthood due to religious fanatism and intolerance. This will be my way of paying respect to your daughter and to the wonderful thoughts behind the Kerenmalki foundation.

One question: How can I make a donation to your foundation from Norway?



I'm just writing to point out the irony of your page entitled "Doing something positive."  Throughout this page, your diction perpetuates the very hate that killed Keren Malki.  You go so far as to blame Palestinians in general for the hate, acting as though you were completely without hate in your own black hearts.  The pictures you have posted and your tone of accusation and refusal of any responsibility are a disgrace to "t he beautiful life of our daughter and sister, Malka Chana Roth."

I'd site examples, but you're smart enough to know damn well.

You are helping to create more tragedies like the one that hit you so close to home.

Kevin Wilkerson

Dear Frimet Roth, I just read your piece in The Jewish Week of August 12, 2005 entitled "Lessons from the Sbarro Bombing" and was both moved and enlightened. I learned a great deal from your piece, which impelled me to visit the kerenmalki website, go to a number of its links, and to join the subscriber list. What you have seen, experienced, and written needs to reach more American college campuses. I see that you have also published with David Horowitz's Frontpage. As you probably know, Horowitz arouses a kneejerk rejection among many American campus liberals, who know only about his positions on American social issues. I had no idea he involved himself with Israeli issues as well. I have seen him speak at Brown and consider him a thoroughly reasonable man. But his is an uphill battle here, and so, perhaps, I worry, is yours. Still, no one who reads what you write can doubt the supreme importance of your message. You bring home the actuality of living in constant peril, something the American media do not do nearly as well.
I shall think for the rest of my years about your wonderful daughter Malka. Everyone thinks their child is exceptional, but some children really are exceptional, and you have done a marvelous job of articulating your daughter's exceptionality. Each of my two children lived for a year in Israel, my daughter in 1999-2000, my son in 2000-2001. Both knew the Sbarro in question very well. It is hard to understand a divine Master Plan that would allow such a horror to occur. One holds on as best one can; and your best is very good indeed, Mrs. Roth. You have drawn something superb out of your daughter's life. That is surely something.
My best regards always, RS

This is [K]... I wrote to you around the time of Malka's yartzeit.  I just wanted to say that, well, I hope G-d gave you the strength that you needed to get through that day. I don't know what else to say. I have read a lot on your website and all of the articles have helped me grasp a lot more about the situation and the politics of it all.  Thank you for that. In the group home for persons with mental disabilities that I supervise we now have a "refugee" named "J" from the New Orleans hurricane. He came to Alabama with his caregiver (who works for the same company that I do), her husband, and the dog.  "J" has adapted well and-- unlike most of my other residents-- can talk.  He loves to work puzzles.  They could only bring one puzzle with them from New Orleans.  After he had worked it several times, he asked us for more puzzles.  I thought of Malka and what her friend on the video said about her carrying around things to cheer up people.  So, anyway, I got "J" some more puzzles and told him they were from a girl named Malki.  (Which they are, since I was going to send money to you folks but did this instead).  He said, "Tell her thank you."  So "Thank you," from "J." We are what is called an "Intermediate Care Facility" which means that we have care for folks with specialized medical needs.  We may get up to 5 more residents in our house of 8.  It feels good to be doing this little bit of tikkun, but scary also. Shalom from Alabama.


Hello. I do not know how I came across your website. I just wanted you all to know that I will be praying for/with you on Thursday when you visit Malka's grave. I live in Alabama and converted to Judaism last February after years of study and a degree from a Christian seminary (looong story). Stories like Malka's and your response to what has happened have touched my heart and let me know that I made the right decision. B"H. I work in a group home for adults with developmental disabilities. I will keep visiting your website and please know that your work and Malka's memory are important to me.

Refela Ora bat Avraham v'Sarah


Regarding Jerrold Cohen

I came across this site for the first time today, July 7, 2005. On the day when London was bombed by extremists. When I came upon the "visitors' book" I was appalled by one statement made on April 21, 2005. I cannot resist, and I must comment on the letter written by Jerrold Cohen on that day.

I would like to say, that I pity you Mr. Cohen, as you have to live with yourself and the hatred you spew. As you look into the mirror each day, you must hate what you see and who you are. People have the right to defend themselves but no one has the right to kill another person for their personal or religious ideals. It is the segment of society made of individuals like you Mr. Cohen, whose hatred drips with hypocrisy and who perpetuate all that is evil in the world. You must be miserable! I feel so sorry for you and like-minded individuals.

Ingrid Boon


Your website disgusts me. Stop pitying the Israeli goyim who call themselves Jews. If you steal a people's land out from under them and kill them if they try to stop you, you expect them to sit still and let you take it? When are you Israeli goyim going to obey the Sixth Commandment? You murderers are going to make trouble for me in America. Sooner or later there will be pogroms and my family will be killed. Get out of the West Bank. Get out of the Gaza Strip. Take down the wall. Let the refugees come back. Don't ask for pity by showing terrible photos, because for every one of those there are a hundred of what you do to Palestinians. So you show pictures of children suicide bombers. I agree. It is much nicer when you can murder a Palestinian kid from inside your air-conditioned Merkava 4 tank, or just shoot him from the air in your Apache helicopter or F16 jet. After all, if you are a Palestinian who has decided to kill so called "Jews", every last one of them who deserves to be killed for murdering your family and stealing your home and your source of making a living, except the children, always the innocent victims, you have to make do with strapping bombs around your waist. How many trees of yours have those Palestinians bulldozed? How dare you bulldoze over a million Palestinian trees. You goyim have filthied the name of real Judaism for the next thousand years.

There's a great deal of good that can be done. Your website says it. I agree. Get out of the Palestinian territories and never show your filthy faces inside those territories again.

When are you going to become real Jews again?

Jerrold Cohen


I pray for you and your wife to continue to have the great courage you have shown. I do not have words to express how sorry I am that you and your wife as so many others must suffer because of a hatred that seems to never end. I just wrote a letter of protest regarding the upcoming debate in England concerning whether English Universities should sever academic relationships with Israeli academic institutions. It is so similar to the Nazi 1930s campaign to rid Jews from German Universities. It seems there is no end to anti-Semitism.

I hope you have that strength one day. It took so many years for Anna Frank's diary to be published. Perhaps that is the way in this unending tragedy.



I have no words that can describe the respect and humility that I have when I think about your daughter Malki A"H, and how you have risen to the terrible challenge. Let me just say Kol Hakovod.



For quite a while now, I have been visiting your site. The story of Malki, May she rest in peace, has particularly touched me. I cannot explain why. Perhaps because of that beautiful smile, those laughing eyes, the wonderful stories told about her... I'm not sure. I look at those pictures and think to myself: What a tremendous loss! She seems to have been such a vibrant , energetic girl, who generated such positive energy! There probably  isn't much I can say to you. But I wish to leave you with a small, humble Bracha: May you find the strength within yourselves and within your family to have happy feelings when thinking of this wonderful person, Malki. Her body may not be with you anymore, but her soul definitely is. And the little  knowledge I have of her convinces me that she is with you , in her own special"Malki" kind of way. All the best to you, Kol Tuv,


Came across the website and wanted to let you know how sorry I was for the loss of your daughter.  I wish you and your family the very best.
Take care,
Falls Church, VA


You should remove items like this from your site: "You may be imagining them getting out of bed that day, praying to their god, storing their equipment and driving the lethal load to a site of pleasure and enjoyment - their minds focused on a lust for the destruction and death of others." And instead focus on the positive aspects and memories of your loved ones.  Do not fuel the hatred, however difficult that may be to you now.  Do not remind others of the horror of such acts, and place those sentiments and images in everyone's consciousness.  It only feeds the hatred and adds to the pain.  It has no place in a memorial to your loved ones.  The only answer is peace and love.



I would like to contribute..... I am widow; and no income- living for now on the sale of our little farm.... so giving money is problematic. But I am a handweaver and wonder if I could weave something for the children? or something for you to offer for sale? We could discuss this and come to something approrpriate, if it suits you... I am praying for you daily, that He will comfort and protect you and guide you as to what He would have you do, that He will give each of you the strength to carry on.

I stand with you as you stand against terrorism. The attitude of other Nations and even some Jew is deplorable. I can not even imagine the pain that your family has experienced by the lost of your precious daughter. I am a mother and grandmother and the idea of losing one of them is unimaginable, but for the lost to be so tragic is even worse. If I can be of any use to you or help in any way please let me know. I live in the US and am very much ashamed by the reactions and actions of a lot of the people here and the Government. I want to come to Israel to help out, especially the children. My heart breaks for them. Stand tall in what you are doing and let no one prevent you from doing so. Blessings... Sue B

I want to thank you for creating this site, which I discovered today. On 8/9/01, I was inside of the restaurant minutes before the attack. In my nightmares of the attack, I can actually see many of the victims waiting in the line to place and receive their orders. I again want to repeat how sorry I am about Malki.  She and the other victims of this attack continue to live inside of me. I do not know if this is the right thing to say, but I would gladly trade places with your daughter.  I not only survived this attack, but upon my return to New York, my office in the World Trade Center was destroyed killing 41 of my coworkers.  Hashem has kept me alive to be the voices of your daughter and all the other victims. I look forward to donating to your foundation, and encouraging others to do so. I have already posted it on several Young Israel lists, and a list representing the Jewish community of Brooklyn. Please let me know what else I can do? May Hashem protect you, and give you simchot!

hello, my name is [...]. i am a soldier in the us army. i am stationed in kirkuk iraq. last night while in the dinning facility i was able to watch cnn's program on your daughter's story. i am so sorry for your family's loss. i think what you are doing is wonderful, and i hope my small donation can be of assistance. i was searching to try to find a way to contact some of the people who were wounded that day. i couldnt find anything other than your web site. i was hoping you might be able to help me find a web site where i could reach some of the vitims. i was truly touch by each of their stories, and was hoping to tell them so. any help you could offer me would be greatly appriciated. thank you so much. and may god bless your family. your friend, [...]

Dear Roth Family,
I just wanted to let you know that i myself, am very involved in helping special needs children here in America. i love what i do but at times  this job can be sad and discouraging.After hearing about your Daughter Malki, and her unbeleivable commitment and dedication to these children, i was more inspired then ever. i recently bought the cd voices for Israel, featuring Malkis song, and i cant begin to tell you how beautiful the song is. I cry everytime i hear it. i hope that one day i can Come to Israel and personally help the children who need a hand to hold on to. This foundation is so wonderful and i wish you the best of luck with it, and i hope i can contribute to it in some way. i am 17 years old, and in high school, and i will be absolutly certain to tell my friends about the amazing work that you do! my name is J_, and i live in New york.


I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Toni [ ... ]  and I have heard Malki's story many times; it is one of the most touching and human stories that had come out of this ever so long conflict. The thing that strikes me most about Malki is the fact that I can relate to her in so many ways I have a little brother who is about the same age as your little Haya, and he has severe disabilities, too; I know what it's like to give my mom help when she needs it and I know how rewarding it feels to do things for my brother that he himself cannot do, even if I do complain a lot of the time. We both love music; Malki loved the flute and I love to sing, and we both loved the Jewish people, even though I was born Gentile. It's really a shame that Malki and I cannot meet, because we would probably talk for hours and hours about anything: life, G-d, Israel, music, whatever, but I remember her story and hope that other people do too; it is one worth remembering. Her life and legacy is worth remembering. I am proud of you, as her parents, for remembering her in such a way that you and I know she would be proud of. Thank you. Love Always, [...]



I'm a Dutch student who studied some time in Israel. When I was there, the attack on Sbarro happened. It (and the other attacks) shocked me deeply. Last tuesday I went to The Hague to demonstrate for the right of Israel to defend itself against those horrible attacks. I heard the speech of Malki's father in the old city hall. It was so good! I would like to let friends and family read / hear it too. The personal stories behind the statistics are nearly ever heard here in Holland. I try to show people here that the media is biased and would like to know if there is a possibility to get the speech in a paper or audio version. That would help me a lot!

Thanks in advance,



Dear Family Roth,

I'm a student from Holland who has been to The Hague today to hear the testimonies of the victims of terror and their families. On this second day of the trial at the ICJ I felt it was my duty to come and listen to all of you and give you my support. I was very moved by the speech of Arnold Roth; what he has told us about his daughter and his view on terror. I want to express how sorry I am for the loss of your precious daughter and how couragous I it is of you to tell your story and pass on the message of what terrror does to ordinary families in Israel. Thank you for doing so, because the world often forgets it's all about human beings and not only about politics. In two months I am going to participate in a course at the U.N. in New York. Family Roth, I will take your story with me and rememeber the spirit of your daughter and of all the other vitims, and defend Israel by all means!

Yishar Koach!


30-Jan-04 (from Cuba in Spanish)

Estimado Sr. Roth: 
Almorzába en compañía de un grupo de compañeros de estudio cuando escuchamos las noticias. Sufro con Ustedes el dolor que ha causado este nuevo crimen en la Ciudad Santa de Jerusalém y ruego que en la medida de las posibilidades expresen mi solidadridad personal y la de un grupo de estudiantes latinoamericanos de esta Universidad con los que previamente a este e mail he contactado, con todas las víctimas de esta nueva atrocidad, sus familiares y todo el pueblo judío de Israel. Ruego tenga presente que Usted, la Fundación Kerenmalki así como el estado de Israel pueden contar con mi humilde persona en todo aquello que consideren pueda servirles. Cosas como esta demuestran más a las claras que Israel se debe defender con todos los medios a su alcance, sin odio pero con mano firme.

De Usted, con todo respeto, 
<name suppressed to preserve safety of the writer>.

Dear Arnold 

I heard your interview with Liam Bartlett yesterday morning. I was moved to tears by your compassion and your passion. By your clarity of thought and your composure. By your dedication to your daughter's memory and the good work you are doing in her name. By the anger at her murder, but also at your lack of prejudice and lack of racism at who can benefit from the Foundation. I have sent of a cheque as a small token of recognition for your family and your daughter. May her memory live forever. If only there was a way to get the West to put pressure on the Palestinian Authority to stop the hateful brainwashing of their children through their education system. I wish you and your family long life. ZK.

Dear Mr Roth,

I really emjoyed your talk to us at Mt Scopus on the 28th of August. I was very moved. I also learnt alot of lessons from you. You really motivated me to get out into the community and help people in need. 

Your stories about Malki wre very inspirational and it really made me realize what a wonderful person she must of been. I was sorry that she was murdered and I wish a long life to everyone in your family.

I also really liked the website it was a great source of additional information about Malki. Thankyou for coming to spek to us.

            From AL (8th grade)

Dear Roth Family, We were very moved by your talk to us on Thursday 28th August, at our school, Mount Scopus. Although none of us have had an experience like that before and none of us have lost someone so close, we still understand what you have to go through. We wish you all a long and full life. From E, C and C

Dear Roth family and friends, I have just heard about your website and read the moving story about Malki and the good work you are doing for disabled children. I'd just like to add that, like others, I'm a Christian who loves Israel and prays for Israel, and especially Jerusalem, every day. As another visitor said, our governments don't necessarily speak for us. G-d loves Israel and her people, and I pray that He'll prosper your work. As a disabled adult, I don't unfortunately have the means to make a donation, but will spread the word to others about your wonderful work. 
With best wishes,

ES Wales

On the eve of the annual forum, in Melbourne, in support of the Keren Malki foundation, we wish to reiterate our support for the noble work that all who have been involved in this very needy area. Arnold's visit to Australia is an inspiration to all of us and gives us optimism that, even through the terrible tragedy of Malki's death that people of goodwill can transcend such horrors and help those in need of support. Reading about the opening of the new unit at Yad Sarah heartens us that the work of the foundation is helping to fulfil the goals of your tireless efforts. We regret that we are unable to attend this years forum, but will be naturally continuing our support for your foundation. A & J R


Shalom Shalom from the bayou's of Louisiana Mr. Roth, 

I received a copy of your email concerning Hamas and the cycle of violence today from a friend in Israel. I wanted you to know that my wife and I shall and always be "staunch supporters" of Eretz Yisroel. We are forwarding this information to all of our friends here in the United States and to many who own their own websites who have already agreed to put the BBC interview with the Hamas barbarian on their sites.

Todah Mr. Roth for helping to keep us up to date on the "facts"! We admire your courage and honesty Sir. Please add us to your email list so we can keep up to date and in our own little way help Eretz Yisroel.
All Blessings

Am Yisroel Chai

My name is D_ M_, I am a special educator from NY. I heard of your organization when you recently spoke on JM in the AM. I am very impressed with what your organization is doing in memory of your daughter. I am currently spending this week, until April 14 in Israel. I was wondering if I can volunteer, as a special educator (my specialty is behavioral therapy/ autism) or in any other capacity. Please let me know if I can be of any help.  My number here in Israel is _ or I am periodically checking my e-mail.

Thank you and Chag Samayach,

I'm 16 years old and i attend the Ramaz Upper School, and i just wanted to tell Mr. Roth that I very much enjoyed your speech today. It really encouraged me to have even more Emunah in Hashem, and it really inspired me. Malki accomplished so much good in her short life, and i am sure she is resting peacefully in heaven-
Thanks so much and i hope your family only experiences happiness for the rest of your lives-   A

Dear the Parents of Malka Roth,
I am S_ R_. I am a jewish 15 year old girl that lives in florida. I am very active in NFTY (Northern American Federation of Temple Youth). When i was at an event they were selling solidarity bracelets, and i was going through them, and picked up your daughters. The name Malka is a very special name to me, because someone who has had a major impact on my life was named Malka, and i am 15 so i decided to get it. My friend had told me to go on the site to find my person. went on about 20 minutes ago, and found Malka, and started to cry. The reason i started to cry was because she looked just like one of me, or one of my friends. I just stared at the picture and thought what if it was me, or someone in my family, or one of my friends. I am very sorry for your tragic loss and wanted to let you know that I do understand what you have been going through. I REALLY hope we can keep in contact and REALLY look foward to hearing from you soon!

Hi there and are behind Israel 100%.  We pray daily for peace to come to Jerusalem.  We are not in favor of Jews giving up what God provided and promised to Abraham.  It is yours and if He said it, I am convinced that the issue is settled.  He always triumphs, especially when His chosen people are concerned.  Again we love you and Israel, and would move there tommorow if we could and fight with you.  Thanks for making your site available to us and we know that shalom and healing will spring forth from it.  Blessings from our house to yours.  
J.  P.-W. J., Fort Worth, Texas, USA 

Dear friends,
I just wanted you to know that so many people stand with you.  We stand beside and do not pretend to even begin to understand the terror you are experiencing.  I know that as a mother trying to keep the day to day going with bombings
I know that you are now receiving fox news as opposed to cnn,. but please know that many people stand with Israel.  No palestinan
Blessings to you from Texas
Loretta Brown

Almost never in my whole life have I been so deeply moved ... I was only capable of reading a certain part of your story. Otherwise, I might have broken down sitting at my desk. Words hardly can express ...
Be strong and courageous in the ALMIGHTY
HE cares for you
Best regards to you
P.S.: I'm a German university student.


I am a student from Mount Scopus in Melbourne, Australia. I know there is nothing that I can say nor anyone can say to help feel the void in your hearts. I would just like to tell you, you are not alone in the world. There are jews all over the world who are feeling the same pain as you, for the loss of your daughter and for the fighting in the middle east.
The speech that Mr roth gave to us on Thursday, 8, 2002 was very touching and a real eye opener. It made me think just how precious one life really is.
Thank you so much once again.


i just want to thank you for finding time in your buissy scedual to write back to me. i want to tell you why i wrote the letter.
i am from melbourne and i go to Beth Rivka ladies colledge. yes, i was at scool on monday whan you came to speak with your two doughters. the first year when the real fighting started my sister was in a seminary in yerushalaim. i was very scared and i decided to do every thing i could , and now i still try to do every thing a 13 year old girl could do.and i just want to tell you that every night after i say shema and a bit of tehilim i lie there on my bed and cry and ask hashem for peace.i am almost 14 and i was born when you and your family went to live in israel. my last name is --- and my parents knew you when you lived here.
thank you agoin for writing back.

hi my name is Michael Itkin and i am a year 11 student at Mount Scopus Memorial College in Malbourne, Australia. Today i heard Arnold Roth the father of Malki speak at our school and i would like to say that i was deeply moved by his story of courage and the struggle that not only he, but hundreds or even thousands of Jews in Israel and around the world have endured over the recent years. i cannnot say that i know how he feels as i have not been personally aftected with the death of a loved one in a suicide attack, however i can say that i can begin to believe the enormity of the loss that these people have suffered. i would like to send my deepest sympathy to not only the family and friends of Malki, however to everybody who has been afftected by these acts of barabrism.


be strong and of good courage.

Dear Roth family,

I wish there would be a way to write what I feel, but I'm afraid there isn't. The only thing I realy wanted to do, is to let you know that even though a year has passed, we ( all of Malki's friends) still remember, and we still feel the pain just as if she had passed away yesterday. be strong and remember that you are not alone, there are many other people that feel the same pain. We miss her too.

Even though it isn't easy, try slowly to move on and live a normal life like befor this tragady happenned. I'm sure that's what Malki would have wanted.

You are not alone. lets all be strong,( no matter how hard it is).Hamakom Yenachem Otchem.

Yehi Zichra Baruch.

a friend.

Today must be an impossibly difficult day for your family as you mark the first yahrzeit for your dear Malki. I hope there is some comfort in the knowledge that those who have come to know her in some small measure, from your website, and from people who are acquainted with your family, mourn with you as memorialize her legacy through fond remembrances and the good works of the fund named in her memory. may her neshama continue its aliyah and may we all be strenghtened by her example.

Hello. Your site came to my attention via some posts that were linked to "Shark Blog" regarding the translation of the "Arafat Bombs, Europe Pays" article. I just wanted to write to express my deep sympathy for the loss of your beautiful, compassionate daughter and my admiration for the way you are promoting a good cause in her memory. I also read the letter Ms. Roth wrote to the editor of "Time" magazine about the glorification of suicide bombers, or rather, suicide murderers, and I couldn't agree more. Their deeds cannot be justified without tacitly endorsing their immoral actions. I think this realization is dawning on more people daily. Amnesty International finally called the bombings by their right name for the first time today: crimes against humanity. I think it's disgraceful that it took AI this long to reach such a painfully obvious conclusion, and I plan to let them know that when I respond to their next fund drive with only a note congratulating them on this ephiphany. In closing, I wish your family much strength and fortitude for the future. You may publish this letter in your guest book if you think it's appropriate.
An American Friend

I live in the US and am a Zionist Christian. I stand with you and all of Israel in this sorrowful time. I only wish there were some way to help, to offer comfort, to hold and pray with the families or children. I am a grandmother and my heart breaks for the children. Especially the children, but for all victims of these horrendous crimes. Only Hashem can give the comfort needed. Look to the G_d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as only HE can help now. Psalm 33:8-12 "For He spoke and it came to be; He commanded and it stood firm. Adoni foils the plans of the Nations; He thwarts the purpose of the people. But the plans of Adoni stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart
through all generations. Blessed is the Nation whose G_d is the L_rd, the people He chose for His inheritance."
Know that I and many here are pray for you and all of the Israeli people. Please post this as I feel in these times your people need to know that the Government her does not speak for all. Many, many love you and your country and weep for your losses.

I write this memo to you with a heavy heart.  Although I was deeply saddened by the morally repugnant bombing last year which killed so many young people, I had not made the acquaintance of any individual families.  I now feel more connected to your loss and pain.  I’m so sorry!
I just read a brief article written by Shimon Apisdorf at about your daughter.  The world has lost a truly special person in Malki.  I sit hear with a tears in my eyes. I am a father of two small children (ages 2 and 5).  I cannot fathom my life without either of them.  I cannot imagine what your loss is like.  I wish I had something to say that would make her loss easier.  I do not have such words.
I am writing you simply to let you know that the world, and in particular American Jews, stand shoulder to shoulder with you as you pick up the pieces of your unfairly interrupted life. I live in Connecticut , USA .  If you have any plans to come to the United States you have a new friend to stay with.  If I can be of any other help, please contact me.
Once again, I am so sorry for your loss.  Malki truly made the world a better place.  That should always keep you proud of your daughter.  

On the "keren Malki" site there is a picture of her and under it is a writing "always smiling". the issue is not that she was always smiling, it's the donation that she gave to, just about, everybody arround her. there are many people that you could write "always smiling" but the question is what made them be like that. Malki was the kind of person who didn't always look for fun and enjoyment, she was a person who always gave up on that in order to make things better for the rest of the people around her. She always volientiered to do things. She did this to try and make things better for everybody. when she came to Maale Adumim ( the snif ) she always sat with the chanichot even though things weren't so good, and her chanichot didn't behave themselves. She did this because she cared so much about trying to improve them, she was willing to give up every little bit of energy she had to do so. She was always running around asking people if they need help with anything. That was Malki - a person who smiled, not because she was laghing with her friends, but because she helped somebody - and that's what made her happy. On the Keren Malki site it is written that you would be happy to hear comments. I think it would be nice if on the site it would be posibile for the readers to write in her memory. Let some people write a good word about everything she did. I'm sure many people would like to feel they're doing somthing for her, after all, she did so much for us. I'm sure that having a few articles/stories written by her friends would do only good.
thanks for reading my email. I would be delighted if you take my comment into concediration.
one of Malki's many friends.

A mutual acquaintance sent me a copy of your letter written for the rally in Sydney. I just wanted to let you know how moving, and the same time, uplifting I found it. Your precious daughter must have been smiling as she looked down and heard your words of love and conviction, and your unwillingness to collaborate with those who in their blindness would have the world see a symmetry in the experiences of your family and the Al-Masris. You've possibly heard this before, but let me anyway assure you that there are many, many gentile Christians around the world who support Israel and do what we can, when we can to demonstrate that support -- by protesting media bias, challenging government policy, and doing whatever possible to assure Jews we know that, as dark as these days are, there is a hope and a future.
May G-d bless you, your family and your people, and bring peace -- peace based upon truth, not compromise -- upon Israel.

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